Biometric time and attendance systems enable accurate hourly pay, documented audit trails


Biometric time and attendance systems are becoming increasingly important for HR departments, as they ensure the person punching the time clock is truly who he says he is, a perennial challenge in employee time and attendance tracking. Biometric time tracking prevents employee time theft, ensures labor compliance, and helps employers collect accurate time and attendance data—all which make life easier for those in HR.

In terms of technologies, fingerprint recognition is the most common biometric time clock technology. It involves measuring and comparing employee fingerprints against data stored in the system and it’s extremely fast and easy to use, as the employee simply presses a fingertip against the time clock screen for a moment as part of the punch in/punch out process.

Other established biometric methods include hand geometry recognition, retinal and iris scanning, and voice or speaker recognition. Facial recognition is also becoming a very popular biometric authentication solution.

While most biometric time and attendance systems rely on photographic images, it should be noted that they don’t store these images directly. Rather, the software turns each image into a mathematical code, destroys the image and uses the stored code to verify identity.

One of the most important benefits of biometric time and attendance systems is that prevent buddy punching – one of the hardest to detect types of time theft. According to Nucleus Research, 74 percent of employer’s experience payroll losses averaging 2.2 percent of gross payroll due to buddy punching. In survey after survey, hourly employees have anonymously admitted to engaging in buddy punching.

Furthermore, biometric time clocks help ensure employers pay employees accurately. Biometric time and attendance systems ensure that employees are clocked in and out accurately—there’s no room for human error, whether accidental or intentional.

In addition, most of these systems create a documented audit trail that can prove the employer’s case in the event of a trial—while providing useful analytics employers can use to manage their workforce more efficiently. It’s not just a boon for HR, but the entire organization.

Tensor biometric time and attendance systems – the perfect solutions for staff attendance monitoring

Tensor plc has an extensive level of experience in the field of biometric time and attendance systems, so it can help you install the most secure and reliable biometrics equipment, while in the same time keeping within your set budget for this task.

We offer a range of biometric time and attendance systems designed specifically for those who want peace-of-mind, certainty and the assurance that only the right people can gain access to your sensitive or dangerous areas. Furthermore, our biometric readers will not store full scanned images of the users’ fingerprints, but rather biometric data – specific information regarding one’s biometric features.

These biometric time and attendance systems come packed in a very elegant and stylish case, while in the same time being extremely easy to use. Plus, they’re very easy to interconnect with our proximity card access scanners, allowing users to mix fingerprint reading and non-fingerprint reading scanners on the same security network.

If you’d like to find out more about the Biometrics access control solutions supplied by Tensor, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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