Biometrics-based patient ID solutions might become very popular in low-literacy areas

The implementation of biometrics-based patient identification systems might become quite a widespread phenomenon in low-literacy areas of the world, where people can’t read or write, but still require specific treatment.

Biometrics-based patient ID solutions might become very popular in low-literacy areas image 1

A recent news report provides more information regarding the successful deployment of such a system by the New Tribes Mission (NTM) Medical Clinic in Papua New Guinea. The clinic provides medical care and pharmacy services for several thousand local citizens as well as roughly a thousand missionaries and other expatriates living in Papua New Guinea.

Many of the people requiring the clinic’s services often have no form of ID and many are not able to read, write or sign their names, so maintaining accurate records, especially in the case of repeat patients, would often prove to be quite a challenging task.

For this reason, the clinic has decided to implement a high-end biometric authentication system that enables the medical staff to instantly access the patient’s records. The system is built around an Lumidigm M-Series multispectral fingerprint reader, while the data is processed via a browser-based application.

“The fingerprint scanner has been a tremendous help in identifying patients,” said Dr. Kevin Ludwig, Chief Medical Officer for the New Tribes Mission Medical Clinic. “Biometrics provides the best means of certain identification.”

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