British businesses should improve their strategic workforce planning, study reveals

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UK businesses looking to bolster their overall performance and mitigate any future challenges should also consider implementing a very solid and reliable strategic workforce planning solution, a survey from the Corporate Research Forum and KPMG has been able to reveal.

Data from the survey suggests that, while workforce planning was actively used in organisations, it was not linked to the overall strategic business plan. Only 15% of organisations surveyed said there was a clear link.

Firms participating in the poll also said they tend to react to workforce challenges rather than plan for them, with close to half (47%) of those surveyed saying that recruitment forecasts for the next 12 months have not been undertaken in their organisations.

The research also reveals that HR departments are not segmenting workforces thoroughly enough, an approach which can be detrimental to the long-term performance of a business.

KPMG associate partner David Knight said that one of the biggest issues that business will face in the coming years is the management of human capital.

“Workforce planning is now seen as critical to sustaining performance and growth, and the responsibility for this lies not only with HR directors, but with the wider executive team.

“Poor planning can make it difficult to adapt to changing market conditions, as well as retain talent in competitive industries. The ability to forecast skills requirements, pre-empt workforce risks and deploy resources efficiently will underpin financial success for organisations in future.”

Tensor Personnel Software – the optimum solution for strategic workforce planning

Tensor’s Personnel Software is the culmination of over a decade of real world experience in the Human Resources and Time and Attendance sectors.

The software offers everything you would expect from a personnel management system, and many more additional features that will save time and aid strategic planning.

The management of employee training is a key component of Tensor Personnel. The Course Planner is where employees are booked onto course sessions to obtain skills that they require to perform their duties. Individual employee training records are updated automatically as courses are completed, along with qualifications / certification earned.

The software also managers to save an extensive amount of information regarding their employees, including here data on their educational history, appraisal results, correspondence history, language skills, existing qualifications, etc.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor workforce management solutions, contact our team or Book a Demo, we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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