BSIA demands clarity from the Home Office on future security regulations

Following the announcement of plans for the private security industry to be subjected to further specific regulatory measures from 2014, the BSIA (British Security Industry Association) has asked the Home Office for further clarity on the timing of regulatory change.

BSIA demands clarity from the Home Office on future security regulations image 1

The first talks on the future of the security sector’s regulatory regime started back in 2010 with an announcement from the Government that the current regulator – the Security Industry Authority – was to be abolished.

However, lobbying from the industry soon softened this message to one of ‘a phased transition to a new regulatory regime’ involving business registration as well as individual licensing, but despite continued contact between Government and industry, the planned timing of the primary legislation needed to effect this change is still unclear.

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA – the trade body representing the majority of the UK’s private security sector – said: “We welcome the regulation of private investigators, however, it is ironic that the wider security industry still awaits clarity from Government after three years of discussions on the future of the licensing of security businesses.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Keely added that: “It surely makes sense to include the private investigation industry into the new business licensing regime that is close to implementation for the wider security industry. However, despite unprecedented consensus across industry stakeholders, we remain deeply concerned that the proposals forged jointly between the industry, its regulator and the Government will not be capitalised upon.”

The BSIA has vowed to tackle this serious topic later on this year, engaging politicians in a more direct and involved manner.

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