Building entry point combines smart card electronics with fingerprint scanning

A cathedral has been forced to install security equipment after it was targeted three times in a year by metal thieves. The Roman Catholic cathedral in Norwich has put up a camera monitoring system because it has had lead valued at £20,000 stolen from the building. Recently piping has been stolen as well as lead from the roof of the cathedral’s Narthex centre. A spokesman for the spiritual centre said the thefts had caused complications with insurance.

Come to Tensor for the ultimate in Access Control security. The Smart Card scanner settings for building access points determine the locked status of doors, minute-by-minute, 24 hours a day throughout the year. The T34xx Smart Card scanner with fingerprint reader combines the latest generation of Tensor’s Smart Card electronics with a fingerprint reader. Automatic fault reporting via the Internet is just one feature. The unit can be directly connected via a peer to peer cable connection, or be part of a network using your existing Ethernet IT backbone.

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