Building sites and outbuildings in Uttlesford targeted by thieves

Tensor Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System helps enforce construction site security

Thousands of pounds worth of workmen’s tools, gardening tools and equipment have been stolen during a series burglaries at building sites, garden sheds and outbuildings in Uttlesford, a recent news report in the local media has been able to find.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “In springtime we often notice an increase in shed burglaries.

“We are working with Neighbourhood Watch to encourage residents to take steps to secure their property. Such as putting a lock on your shed/garage door and using it, a shed door can be further secured with a ‘shed bar’ coach bolted through the frame.

“Also with larger tools and bikes consider fitting a shed shackle to the wall or ‘eye’ type anchor into a concrete floor and chain it to this. “Consideration should be given to getting a shed alarm; they are quite reasonably priced from DIY stores or internet, and effective.”

Tensor RDAPS – the UK’s first and only Secured by Design accredited self-sustained security surveillance system for enhanced construction site security

The Tensor Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System (RDAPS) is the UK’s first and only Secured by Design accredited self-sustained security surveillance system designed to prevent crime and gather evidence in remote sites and trouble hotspots.

The RDAPS includes a high-definition camera system of evidential quality and a self-contained high-definition NVR platform with full video analytics capabilities, fully integrated 2-way audio and alarms, capable of delivering extensive remote location, building site and major events security.

Featuring a rugged, weather and vandal-proof design, RDAPS has been designed to protect assets located in vulnerable or remote locations, where current constraints exist due to a lack of power and/or communications. The system is equipped with a Solar/Wind Turbine charged battery system, as well as multiple wireless communication platforms (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, etc.).

The Tensor Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System is totally transportable and can be re-deployed as frequently as required on multiple sites – in under 40 minutes. Our unique purpose built tower provides a platform which transports the system from site to site and when in ‘deployed-mode’ forms a self-contained secure working platform, functioning as a fully integrated remote video system.

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