Business entry well protected with tamper resistant full height turnstiles

An English Heritage site manager spoke out about criminal acts at a 2,500 year-old tourist attraction. Peter Bleach said the latest damage to Scarborough Castle is “extremely disappointing.” He added: “People often climb the 300-ft cliff walls to gain access during the night. This is very dangerous as the walls are 900 years old and are unstable.” Taking the fence and warning signs were “very irresponsible. Whoever did this placed themselves and the public at serious risk of death.”

Tensor’s gates, barriers, and turnstiles are ideal for protecting and securing outdoor sites or exterior areas of a business. Our barriers fully integrate with our smart card and biometric access control systems. When absolute entrance or exit security is required, full height turnstiles are the perfect solution and they are suitable for unmanned locations. Tensor’s full height turnstiles are tamper-resistant and weatherproof ensuring they can last in even the most unforgiving of environments. For more information on a Tensor turnstile, please contact our sales team.

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