Business fingerprint recognition access scanner provides irrefutable proof of identity

Members of the public have been questioned by officers after a ‘fake police’ raid was mounted on a high street bank. Men dressed in fake police uniforms entered the premises in Glasgow last week and threatened a security guard with what appeared to be a gun. They then drove off towards the M8 motorway with an unspecified amount of cash. A week later officers have been questioning motorists and pedestrians in the area about the gang.

Companies taking advantage of a Tensor access or visitor control system can use cutting edge technology like biometrics as a way to provide irrefutable proof of identity. Biometrics is the technique of studying the physical characteristics of a person such as your fingerprint, hand geometry, eye structure or voice pattern. For the effective ‘two-factor’ security authorisation of an individual, fingerprint recognition is used in conjunction with our contactless smart cards. Our recommended product for use with your Tensor system is our smart card access control scanner with built in fingerprint reader, as pictured.

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