Business fire roll call software automatically prints evacuation list at a safe point

A fire which started near a supermarket is being treated by the authorities as arson. Four fire crews were needed to attend in East Anglia town King’s Lynn after two domestic outbuildings were set ablaze. The buildings were situated just 15 feet away from the store. A fire service spokesperson said the four crews were required because the fire threatened to spread to the supermarket. Police and a fire investigation officer were also called to the scene.

Tensor's security and time clocking products can help your shop or business improve its emergency protocol since they can be integrated with fire roll call software that will automatically produce a report in the event of a fire. In such a situation, your immediate fire roll call reports are generated containing the crucial information concerning who of your employees are on site. Employees simply log themselves on and off site using either a smart card or key fob. An evacuation list is then printed at a safe pre-determined remote point.

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