Business payroll application can insert unpaid breaks if employees do not clock them

Ministers have reportedly tried to persuade civil servants to give up performance-related payments but were told the rewards were a contractual right. According to The Daily Telegraph, one quarter of the most senior civil service officials are in line for a sum worth up to 10 per cent of their salary. Cabinet Office reports says permanent secretaries last year donated their performance-related pay to the Civil Service Benevolent Fund while in 2008-09 they waived all their bonuses.

If bonuses and other pay such as overtime are required as part of your staff’s contracts or agreed hours, then a Tensor Time and Attendance system is the best there is for your business’s payroll. Our flagship WinTAnet application can supply special working rules to calculate correct flexitime contracts which are common in the public sector. Employees working on an annual contract basis can be accommodated by the annualised hours procedures and reports within the WinTA system. The clever Tensor software can insert unpaid breaks if employees do not clock them.

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