Businesses can benefit from the integration of mobile phone browsers

A mayor says he wants his city’s council to be run like a business. George Ferguson was elected as the first mayor of Bristol late last year, and one of his more immediate concerns is how to cut £35 million in spending, or around nine per cent of the council budget. Mr Ferguson said 330 jobs must be cut when he revealed his proposed budget. The new mayor estimated that approximately 100 compulsory redundancies would need to be made.

Tensor can supply many business solutions as well as our time and attendance or personnel systems. The Tensor Software team consists of highly experienced technology experts who work closely with customers to determine their business objectives, architect and customise a solution. The services we offer include the integration of mobile phone browsers; DSP (digital signal processor) based applications and algorithms; and mobile or handheld application development. We also perform MMI (Man-Machine Interface) Development for mobiles, set-top boxes, scientific equipment and consumer electronics.

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