Businesses should consider access control as employee theft jumps by a fifth

Access control for offices

Theft at work has elevated in England and Wales by 19% with the trigger of these incidents believed to be caused by the cost of living crisis.

Zurich Insurance UK reported a rise in claims for commercial crime with companies facing losses of up to £140,000. Reports show that 6000 workers had been caught stealing in 2022. This has worryingly increased by 1000 employees from the previous year, resulting in nearly 500 monthly incidents.

A solution to prevent future incidents would be to invest in a fully integrated security and access control system.

Fortunately, there is a British manufacturing company called Tensor plc that specialises in this type of technology and it's smart card products are Police approved with the “Secure by Design” accreditation. Tensor’s equipment is also used by the 2nd largest police force, West Midland Police. Tensor’s access control smart card equipment can help businesses minimise the risk of theft, loss and unauthorised entry. The system has a user-friendly interface and extensive CCTV technology that will help businesses prevent and identify security breaches more efficiently.

AirBorn who innovate, design and manufacture high reliability connector technology, shared with us how they heightened security by using Tensor; installing an all-in-one CCTV and time and attendance/access system.

IT Manager, Richard Jennings, said, “Tensor gave us a system that could do time and attendance and CCTV in one, which is what really made Tensor stand out amongst the crowd.

“Since we’ve had Tensor’s system, we’ve actually caught 4 criminals, two graffiti artists, and assisted the Police with an incident that occurred next door.

“On a couple of occasions employees have left the front door open and we’ve been able to identify them to stop this from happening again, it’s improved our security a lot”.

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Access Control for offices

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