The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) admit the Commission is
currently reviewing the opt-out and there is a very real danger
that it will recommend it’s immediate abolition. CBI staff
have been hard at work in Brussels this week lobbying the European
Commission and MEP’s on working time and the UK’s individual
opt-out from the 48-hour working week. The CBI has argued that the
opt-out is a vital source of organisational flexibility for UK
business, but others within the EEC seem not to be
persuaded.It now looks more likely that the opt-out will be scrapped at the
end of 2003, meaning UK companies will have to fully comply with
the rules of the 48 hour working week. However, this does not mean
that employees cannot work more than 48 hours in a given week as
the rules are based on a complicated averaging system of working
time over a rolling 17 week window.Fortunately, customers of Tensor don’t have a problem as
Tensor’s Time & Attendance system, WinTA, was the 1st
computerised Time & Attendance system in the world to properly
handle the 48 hour working week. Companies who don’t have a
computer system to deal with the 48 hour working week don’t have
to worry either, as they can buy a complete Smart Card based
system from Tensor

If you are interested in buying a time and attendance
system please contact us using our form.

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