CCTV is the answer to police budget cuts

The 2010 general election followed by the likely period of hard decision making for the next government means tough decisions on spending cuts in order to tackle the massive national debt caused by excessive government spending and the bank bale-outs. All parties say they will not reduce police numbers but many police forces are already taking measures for the cuts to come.

Like other public sector services the of members of the constabulary and their business managers are looking at ways of still providing public protection whilst cutting costs. West Midlands Police for example have streamlined and reorganised their back office systems to be more efficient and cut costs. Part of this includes installing a new Time & Attendance and Access Control system so that they know where officers and other resources are and where they can be deployed. Unlike almost all public sector IT systems, this one appears to have gone in on time and on budget!

Business also need to form a greater partnership with the police and take their own proven measures to prevent themselves from being victims of crime. An integrated security system that combines the functions of CCTV, Access Control and Attendance Monitoring is a good start. Here, video clips digital CCTV cameras are tagged against attendance and access control time & date stamped transactions to provide an instant integrated security system that enables businesses to simply manage the 1st level of security themselves.

Tensor plc designs, manufactures, installs and an perennially maintains CCTV and integrated security systems for industrial, commercial, and public sector sites across the UK. Our systems produce cost effective evidence quality CCTV and activity monitoring that is tailor-made to meet your requirements. Where we do not manufacture particular pieces of equipment, we used products manufactured by Panasonic, Samsung, Genie, Pelco, Dedicated Micros, Wavestore and many more.

The BSIA (British Security Industry Association) has investigated the use of CCTV and access control systems within the public sector and says that the spending on CCTV and other security measures is worthwhile. They noted that CCTV images are frequently called upon in the criminal justice system to help secure prosecutions. Tensor PLC is a member of the BSIA so you can trust the reliability of our products and services. Security and surveillance CCTV and integrated security systems are available for indoor and outdoor environments – day and night.

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