CCTV maintenance Code of Practice updated by BSIA

Tensor – experts in CCTV  maintenance, systems takeover, design and deployment

The code of practice relating to Maintenance of CCTV Surveillance Systems issued by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has recently been revised to ensure full compatibility with the principles of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

The revised code of practice complements the updated Code of Practice and associated guidance for Planning, Design, Installation and Operation of CCTV Surveillance Systems (BSIA Form 109), which was published in 2014, and aims to reflect the current CCTV landscape in terms of new standards and the constant evolution of technology in this area.

Dave Wilkinson, Director of Technical Services at the BSIA, comments: “The BSIA has developed this guide into a full Code of Practice and updated it in order to ensure that it is fully aligned with current Government thinking, as set out by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice.

“BSIA members are supportive of the work of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and we are pleased to be able to update the Code of Practice to align with this important work. As part of our commitment to ensuring that our guidance reflects the very latest CCTV standards, the Association is also currently producing guidance surrounding the new BS EN 62676 CCTV standards, which are being published in the UK and already feature on Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s website as good practice in the area of the use of CCTV.”

Tensor – experts in CCTV maintenance, systems takeover, design and deployment

Tensor plc is an active affiliate member of the BSIA and an UK market leader in the field of access control, time and attendance, visitor monitoring and CCTV solutions.

Tensor plc designs, manufactures, installs and an perennially maintains CCTV and integrated security systems for industrial, commercial, and public sector sites across the UK. Our systems produce cost effective evidence quality CCTV and activity monitoring that is tailor-made to meet your requirements. Where we do not manufacture particular pieces of equipment, we used products manufactured by Panasonic, Samsung, Genie, Pelco, Dedicated Micros, Wavestore and many more.

Furthermore, our WinTA product is the most comprehensive software package for combined T & A, Access Control and personnel management. Moreover, we’re constantly innovating and developing new products. In fact, since Tensor.NET‘s launch in 2009, Tensor has integrated facial recognition systems, hand scanning, re-developed our entire fingerprint reading systems for both Access Control and Time and Attendance, designed and developed many links including into Oracle HR, Microsoft AD and many other database driven applications & data management tools.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the products from our diverse, reliable, yet affordable product line-up, just contact our dedicated product team or book a demo.

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