Clocking and payroll system handles overtime and bonus payments

Professor Stephen Soumerai, part of a research team looking into doctors’ pay, said of a bonus scheme introduced in 2004: "The programme's lack of effect may be explained in part by performance targets that were set too close to existing practice." It was found the system had no real impact on the treatment of high blood pressure. The researchers did not look at other parts of the bonus system, but their findings echoed concerns about whether the targets were ambitious enough as doctors hit them regularly.

Tensor’s WinTA time and attendance systems provide the ultimate payroll solution as they enable the creation of a wide range of daily working patterns. The software exports to all popular payroll systems and can deal with fixed or flexitime rules, night shifts, overtime and bonus payments. Bands are selected based on the time and the number of hours worked. Employees use their contactless smart cards to book jobs at the clocking stations, which are also used to register attendance by clocking in and out.

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