Clocking smart card microchip holds encoded ID number that cannot be duplicated

Glasgow Caledonian University replied to criticisms of its management pay, saying that 70% of the university's highest paid staff were academics. Glasgow Caledonian Combined Union Committee (CUC) had highlighted salary figures from the university's annual accounts and said that since 2006, 373 teaching and support jobs had been lost mostly through an extended voluntary redundancy scheme. The CUC added that over the same period higher paid staff, who earn more than £70,000 per year, had increased from 13 to 41.

Tensor’s unbeatable time and attendance networks, for example WinTA Enterprise, offer comprehensive user-definable working patterns, rosters and shifts, including annualised hours and flexi patterns. Contactless smart cards are used to operate your time and attendance, access control and visitor monitoring systems. Each card reader transmits a 125 KHz frequency field (the electromagnetic field), which is picked up by an aerial in the smart card. The smart card microchip, is a passive device which holds a unique factory encoded ID number that cannot be duplicated, making it very secure indeed.

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