Clocking stations offer real time communications when employee books on to a job

A union has called for talks over planned pay cuts in a charity which was set up in the 1870s and now employs 2,000 people. The social care organisation Quarriers is planning changes to the terms and conditions of its staff, including cuts to sick and maternity pay and making all future pay increases discretionary. Unison, which represents 291 of the Quarriers staff, claimed that some workers at the Glasgow-based charity would lose up to a quarter of their salary.

All aspects of time and attendance management are dealt with by a Tensor Time & Attendance system, from collecting clocking data to exporting wages to your organisation’s payroll department. It handles absenteeism, sick and overtime pay, plus night shifts and paid/unpaid breaks. The new range of T32xx clocks actively communicate with the computer system when a person clocks, books them ‘ON’ to a job or uses their contactless smart card to open a door. Real time communications provides you with the information as it occurs.

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