Clocking technology performs equally well with small and large employee numbers

A Scottish First Division soccer club in administration has removed most of its first team staff. Players Mickael Antoine-Curier, Eric Paton, Dominic Shimmin, Njazi Kuqi, Paul McHale, Scott Fox, Colin McMenamin and Charlie Grant have been released by Dundee. Former Scotland midfielder Brian Kerr and the management team have also been axed. "We must get money in the door before Christmas," said the administrator’s statement. "That is the deadline we have set as of now. I cannot stress enough how much the club needs the support of Dundee and its people."

Tensor can provide your organisation with a sophisticated time and attendance system guaranteed to meet your clocking requirements and increase efficiency by making savings on your human resources. Our systems easily and accurately record your employees' clocking data and perform equally well with both small and large numbers of employees. We currently have two dedicated time and attendance systems available, which are operated by our contactless smart cards and key fobs. These systems are fully customisable, and the software ensures that your organisation remains compliant with all employment legislation.

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