Clocking WinTA software show jobs that are over budget

Labour left a £3.3 billion black hole in the defence budget according to the incoming Defence Minister, Dr Liam Fox. Writing in the Times, Dr Liam Fox said the Ministry of Defence had been "living beyond its means for too long". He used as an example that the cost of building two aircraft carriers rose by £767m. "Some projects would actually be more expensive to cancel than to continue – which is an absurdity that you would only really find made in Whitehall,” was Dr Fox’s verdict on the defence department.

Tensor Time and Attendance software, beginning with WinTA Start, handles all hours calculations and payroll issues to ensure that your company does not overspend on its budget. Our WinTA Lite package stores information on up to 1000 production or departmental jobs. With the simple use of a smart card or key fob, employees book time against these jobs to produce a fully costed analysis and break down of time spent on each one. Reports show jobs that are over budget or those approaching their budget limit. This information can also be exported to spreadsheets.

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