Close to 30 percent of businesses to use biometrics by 2016, research suggests

Nearly a third of businesses are set to use various biometrics solutions by 2016 in order to ensure a superior level of security for their premises, personnel and data, a report drafted by the analysts from Gartner has recently revealed.

Close to 30 percent of businesses to use biometrics by 2016, research suggests image 1

According to a media source, the forecast suggests that the security of mobile devices will represent a much more important issue on the future, as an increasingly higher number of workers use their various portable systems both for work-related and private purposes.

Furthermore, Gartner’s report also strongly suggests that organisations should evaluate biometric authentication methods where higher-assurance authentication is required. Suitable authentication modes include interface interactivity, voice recognition, face topography and iris structure. These modes can be used in conjunction with passwords to provide higher-assurance authentication without requiring any significant change in user behaviour.

As the UK market leader in the field of access control and time and attendance solutions, Tensor supplies an extensive range of products that actively employ biometric authentication, including fingerprint readers, hand scanner terminals and facial recognition solutions.

The biometric readers in Tensor’s T34xx series feature an elegant case and are easy to use. They target specifically those users who want the absolute peace-of-mind, certainty and the assurance that only the right people can gain access to your sensitive or dangerous areas.

The biometrics solution supports Control and Reset functions, and also comes equipped with a range of connectivity options, such as one RS485 interface to clock and External Scanner interface, 1 port with full modem control ( Modem RS232 Interface) and 2 SPI ports (one port is used for scanner interface).

If you’d like to find out more about the range of biometric readers supplied by Tensor, not to mention the range of access control and Time and Attendance solutions they can be integrated into, just contact us or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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