Coin operated toilet turnstiles provide a revenue stream to local authorities

Revised plans which relocated toilets at a shopping centre to the first floor but left a single ground floor disabled cubicle were thrown out. Landowners Cambridge City Council rejected the developer’s new plans for the Lion Yard retail area. The authority explained its decision in a statement: “The developer is still looking at the proposals in terms of what is adequate for a shopping centre and not in terms of what is right for central toilets serving a city.”

Tensor’s coin operated toilet turnstiles are manufactured with local authorities in mind as toilets can be expensive to maintain. Since there is a nominal fee to enter the facilities via the turnstiles, they provide a ready-made revenue stream. The turnstiles are made from graded stainless steel for ease of cleaning and are duty cycle rated for intensive use. The separate coin box can be mounted either in front of the turnstile, at the side or wall mounted with the cash box at the rear, giving a vast range of configurable options.

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