Comforting matter that turnstiles generate revenue for maintenance

A tribunal decreed that employers could be in breach of the Human Rights Act if they prevented workers going to the lavatory. In a written ruling, the employment tribunal said that Mr Gavin Ruddick's quality of life had been "severely impaired". It decided that although the security industry was not subject to the law that requires workers to have a 20-minute break every six hours, it must do the "next best thing", such as allowing a number of shorter rest periods or one longer break.

Ensure your industry is run within the provisions of the EU Working Time Directive, which says that most workers are due at least one break, with Tensor time and attendance technology. All our smart card clocking personnel systems are compliant with the Working Time Directive and other legislation. We also provide coin operated toilet turnstiles that enable public conveniences to be kept to a good standard and generate revenue for their general day to day maintenance. All of our rugged graded stainless steel turnstiles are supplied complete with a two year warranty.

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