Compact digital CCTV cameras can reduce thefts occurring at premises

Hundreds of passengers were delayed after cables were stolen which led to signal problems on Friday (November 18, 2011). The theft of copper cables near Hull caused delays to services from the start of the day between Hull, Doncaster and Selby. The charity organisation Crimestoppers is offering a reward of £1,000 for information about the theft. Furthermore, the Association of Train Operating Companies has called for tougher regulation of scrap metal sales.

Tensor can install a comprehensive system to reduce or prevent thefts occurring at premises which are difficult to secure. Digital CCTV camera and recording systems using the best picture quality can be incorporated with PC-controlled access control door and barrier security networks. Digital CCTV Bullet Cameras are cameras mounted in a cylindrical casing that resembles a bullet. The casing makes them easy to install when pointing them in the right direction, and keeps the case compact. Their smaller size and inbuilt lens make them ideal for situations where space and price are paramount.

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