Company door access network can be configured to lock on burglar alarms

A scrap metal dealer says it is working with police to curb the problem of metal thieves attempting to shift stolen material. Avon Metals, based in Gloucestershire, said it will turn away anyone they believe is dealing in dodgy metals. Operations director John Verdon said the firm tends to deal with trusted merchants, adding: "We always ask for identification so there's a paper trail if anything turns out not to be right."

Tensor Access Enterprise is one of Tensor's latest developments in our proven range of Windows™ based Access Control products, from simple door and registration point control, through to a fully computerised global networked system. The multi-user Tensor Access Enterprise is intended for larger companies. It includes extra software to enable you to easily add and edit profile settings to all registered hardware equipment attached to your company's network of Tensor equipment. Door access can be limited depending on the person's roll call status, and can be configured to open on fire alarms and lock on burglar alarms.

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