Company reception notified when a swiped visitor pass has irregularities

Police officers kept a close eye on proceedings at a protest surrounding the main offices of energy firm Centrica. Campaigners staged a demonstration both inside and outside the London base of Centrica – who own British Gas – over high prices. The environmental group Greenpeace shut down the offices by sealing the entrances with bills printed on wood and locked various site doors. Officers managed to maintain order at the incident so that no arrests were made.

Tensor uses the latest PC technology to supply an unrivalled Visitor Management System (VMS) to suit any size of business. Unlike paper-based systems VMS provides an accurate date and time stamped audit trail of visitors and contractors; plus individualised, bar-coded passes with monitored expiry dates. It allows faster throughput of visitors at reception as well as improving security levels elsewhere as the same checking process can occur at a company gatehouse. The receptionist is notified whenever a pass is swiped that is out-of-date or has other irregularities.

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