Company software deals with regulations on 48 hour working week

A spokeswoman clarified the position of the prime minister over a report commissioned on employment law. One of its proposals is to call for shorter periods of consultation over compulsory redundancies. The spokeswoman said of the Beecroft report: “The government's position on employment law is that it needs to support business, encourage growth, while at the same time ensuring that employees rights to work were not weakened,” adding that PM David Cameron is not tied to particular set of proposals.

Tensor helps companies negotiate through the maze of employment laws with our time and attendance software which among its functions handles working regulations, including the EU Working Time Directive. The most commonly known clause within the Directive, is that which is concerned with the 48-hour working week and the opt-out associated with it. As the British and European leader in clocking systems, Tensor are consistently providing new features in our software whenever the legislation changes, thus ensuring compliance with the EU Working Time Directive.

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