Computer based visitor pass system improves security in prisons

A fugitive is thought to have escaped from within prison this week using a makeshift rope, according to BBC reports. In a major security breach John Massey was not spotted in time when making his bid. The news service remarked it is highly unusual for inmates to escape from within the confines of a closed prison such as Pentonville. Police are urging anyone who spots Massey, who is serving a life sentence, to call 999.

A version of Tensor’s successful Visitor Management System is currently being used to improve security in prisons. Pass is an easy to install, computer based pass system for registering each visitor, both on and off site. It allows HM Prison Service Officers to quickly check the identity and monitor the movements of visitors. Tensor Prison Pass also enables the pre-booking of legal representatives, contractors and inmate visitors with maximum speed and minimum fuss. Biometrics can be combined with the visitor badges to operate the system.

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