Construction site security systems enable streamlined staff access on building sites


Construction site security systems providing CSCS smart card integration enable a more streamlined access of construction and non-construction staff on building sites. However, problems may still arise, especially concerning the access of non-construction staff, according to reports from members of the British Drilling Association (BDA).

The confusion is arising on some sites that operate a 100% Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) workforce, says BDA, who is reporting instances of non-construction staff such as lab technicians being wrongly refused entry to some sites.

The organization says that the wide range of services required on many construction projects means there are times when individuals may need to attend a site to perform a non-construction activity, such as catering, delivering materials, managerial tasks or security, as well as on-site soils testing.

Tensor Construction Site Security Systems – enabling the fast and easy management of access control rights on construction sites for CSCS and non-CSCS card owners

Creating a mix-and-match type of access control system would be the ideal solution for the site access issues mentioned above (although it would arguably require policy changes implemented by the construction contractors) – and Tensor has the perfect system to achieve it.

As part of our partnership with the CSCS, Tensor has developed the .NET suite of products to allow a seamless integration between the CSCS smartcard and our Access Control, Time Management, Visitor/Contractor Management and Fire/Evacuation roll-call systems, including Turnstiles and Biometric verification devices (facial recognition, hand scanning & fingerprint recognition).

Within the WinAC.NET software there is a CSCS card wizard that allows system users to quickly grant contractors access to their access control system. The wizard supports multiple scenarios and will quickly guide the user through the enrolment procedure.

After the enrolment procedure has been successfully completed, professionals who hold a CSCS card can use their existing card to gain access to a construction site or similar, including through turnstiles or car park barriers.

On the other hand, non-CSCS smart card owners can still access the site (provided they hold a valid card), enabling non-construction staff to easily go on the sites.

For more information on the Tensor Construction Site Security Systems, please visit our website or Book a Demo.

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