Contactless Access Control and Visitor Monitoring to Help Make Post COVID-19 Workplaces Safer


Contactless access control and visitor monitoring / management technologies will play a vital role in making workplaces safer post COVID-19 and ensuring that the risks to spreading this virus (or any other similar ones that might appear) are mitigated, experts in this sector believe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every human being’s behaviour and people are looking at smart solutions in a different angle, as the world is going through the worst health crisis in modern human history.

As businesses are trying to come back to normal, the major concern is the fear of the spread of the virus at workplaces, which is exactly why employers want to ensure that employees feel safe when they come in to work. Businesses are looking for technologies and solutions which can help them get to normal or rather adapt to the ‘new normal’, and contactless access control and visitor monitoring solutions are among the top areas of interest.


Tensor Access Control Systems offer a variety of contactless solutions that enable users to securely verify their credentials and gain access through a door without touching any surfaces. These include:

  • Tensor Proximity Card Readers: Slim, sleek and attractive, proximity smart card readers deliver multi-card format compatibility with extensive functionality.
  • Facial Recognition Terminals with Temperature Detection: The Facial Recognition Terminals are among the world’s most compact face recognition stations, offering very high matching speeds, accuracy, and level of security. The additional Temperature Detection camera adds and extra layer of safety.
  • Latest versions of the Tensor Mobile Self-Service Module (SSM) iOS/Android app: The “Door Status” feature implemented in the Mobile SSM App Version 3.803.26 and available when used in conjuction with the 4.2.0.x Series of Tensor.NET software provides users with an overview of the current status of the access doors controlled by Tensor access controllers and also enables the automatic door locking or unlocking directly from the app.


Automatic door drivers are the key elements in a truly contactless door entry access control solution. These systems (also known as automatic door closers) increase the level of safety within a building by allowing touch-free entry through the door itself.

Automated doors also help prevent the forming of long queues at the access door – yet another important element in preventing the spread of COVID-19 within the workplace.


The Tensor S-1-EXITIR Contactless Exit Buttons are the perfect hygienic access control exit solution for all the locations where a no-touch functionality is required.

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