Contactless long lasting key fobs save time and money at the office

Four out of ten companies allowed staff to watch the Olympic Games in the workplace, a new survey says. The findings from the Institute of Leadership & Management report that 70 per cent of managers said that their office had bonded over the shared viewing experience, while 37 per cent had felt more personally productive. Two in ten firms put on trial new systems, with working from home and adjusted start and finish times being the most popular options.

Tensor can provide the office with a reliable and complete time and attendance clocking system which saves time and boosts morale. Contactless key fobs can used to operate your regime as well as smart cards. The long lasting fobs use well-proven and reliable RF (Radio Frequency) reading technology, which gives a consistent read range and is unaffected by most external conditions. As there is no physical contact between the key fob and the reader, neither will become worn-out by continuous use, unlike swipe readers.

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