Contactless, Safe Operation, SSVM Online and Video Support now Available with Tensor Self-Service Visitor Management App (SSVM) Version 2.1.104


TheTensor Self-Service Visitor Monitoring (SSVM) App allows organisations operating unmanned or manned receptions to cut reception and back-office costs and to streamline site access for customers, contractors and visitors.

We constantly add new features and enhance the functionality of our core software products, aiming to cover an extensive range of real-life usage scenarios. This is why the latest SSVM release, version 2.1.104 offers a number of new features adapted to the current COVID-19 pandemic and designed to minimise the risk of infection for staff and visitors.

The new features available when used with v4.4.0.x or above of Tensor.NET include:

1. SSVM Online – SSVM Online is a new web site facility that allows visitor questionnaires to be accessed online instead of using the SSVM tablet in the unmanned reception.

The following features are available:

  • appointment notification emails contain a link to the SSVM online questionnaire.
  • check IN questionnaires are available by default for 48 hours before the appointment takes place.
  • all question types and progression to the next question based upon answer selection are supported online.
  • for touch free operation the SSVM app does not display the questionnaire if it has already been completed online.
  • an online check OUT questionnaire is provided if enabled in the tablet’s theme. The visitor receives an email on checking OUT, which contains a link for this questionnaire.

2. Touch free operation – visitors can now use the QR or bar code on their appointment notification email to check IN or OUT without them having to interact physically with the app’s tablet.

3. Signature capture via visitor questionnaires – a new signature type question now allows visitor signatures to be captured via the tablet touch screen and then recorded against the visitor in Tensor.NET. Signatures may also be drawn on the signature question page of the online questionnaire. Captured signatures are then immediately available for inclusion on printed passes.

4. Host configuration – a new User Options setting allows Tensor.NET to restrict the hosts searchable by the SSVM app. Only configured employees will be listed as potential hosts to ad hoc visitors when this setting is enabled.

5. Visitor arrival email – the arrival email, automatically generated when a visitor is checked in via the SSVM app, can now be configured to include questionnaire answers plus the visitor’s captured signature. Answers entered to the SSVM questions online are also emailed to the visitor’s host.

6. Video support – a new, video question type has been added to this version of SSM. Check IN and OUT forms can now play informational videos both on the tablet on in the online questionnaire.

Tensor SSVM Pre-Requisites

Please remember that the Tensor Self-Service Visitor Management (SSVM) App Version 2.1. 104 requires the following:

  • Microsoft’s Internet Information Services, version 7.0, 7.5 or 10.0.
  • A compatible version of Tensor SSM.
  • Any edition of a compatible version of Tensor.NET registered with WinMCVS and SSM serial numbers.
  • A mobile device running Android version 9.0 (Pie) or above.
  • A mobile device running IOS version 11.3 or above.
  • An account to download the android app from Google Play or an account to download the IOS app
  • from the iTunes Store.
  • Configuration changes to the user organisation’s DNS, or the allocation to tablets of static IP
  • addresses, must be made to allow app connectivity.

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