Contactless smart cards containing no batteries save time and money

There is more agony for the banking industry with this week’s announcement that 1,400 workers will lose their jobs. The Australian owner of Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks confirmed that it will cut the posts by 2015 following a strategic review of its UK operations. It means 29 of the banks' 73 Financial Solution Centres, which offer services to businesses and better-off individual investors, will be closed down. Nine other centres will be merged with local retail branches around the UK.

Tensor can help your organisation make efficiency savings via our time and money-saving time and attendance devices. Contactless smart cards are used to operate time & attendance and access control systems. Our popular cards have no battery, thus offering the prospect of an infinite life, and can be read an infinite number of times. Each smart card reader transmits a 125 KHz frequency field (the electromagnetic field), which is picked up by an aerial in the smart card. This gives a consistent read range.

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