Contactless smart cards ensure employees can exit an emergency quickly

The cause is not yet known of a huge blaze affecting a warehouse today (Tuesday, January 31). The fire has sent thick billowing smoke over west London. It started at 09:35 GMT and has now been contained thanks to 15 fire engines attending the scene. A fire service spokesman said the estimated total size of the warehouse area affected was 170m by 90m (557ft by 295ft) and half of that had been on fire.

The combination of contactless smart cards and fire roll call software means that security and clocking products from Tensor ensure staff safety in a fire or other emergency. The cards operate using well-proven and reliable Radio Frequency technology, which gives a constant read range. It also means that employees can exit a premises in an emergency in the quickest possible time: when placed within range of your scanner, the smart card will be read in under ½ second, even if that card is covered in oil and grease.

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