Cost effective business clocking may operate from different international locations

A boost to the recovering economy came this week with Ryanair announcing it was creating roughly 1,000 jobs at airports nationwide. The airline confirmed it is to expand its operations and hopes to fill the new roles by summer 2013. These include pilots, engineers, cabin crew and baggage staff. Chief executive Michael O’Leary said the firm hopes to carry an extra one million passengers, adding: “We’re taking more and more big aircraft and placing those… across the regions.”

Tensor provides cost-effective clocking systems for either small or large businesses; boasting all the same core functionality but with differing staff numbers and remote locations supported. The flagship Enterprise edition of our WinTAnet system allows a Group headquarters to control each subsidiary business that in turn, may each be operating from different local or international locations. All editions are suitable for use with SQL or Oracle databases. WinTAnet is both multi lingual and linked to the regional settings of your office’s PC.

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