Create reports to show those who have worked overtime

The position of Mayor in Hartlepool has come under question in the local corridors of power. Speaking after he had voiced objections to the high-salaried role at a council meeting, Liberal Democrat councillor Arthur Preece added: "I don't dispute there is a job to be done bearing in mind I was the leader of the council for two years from 2000. But for that I was paid a special responsibility allowance of £3,200."

Tensor Time and Attendance devices will save costs on your firm’s payroll with our state of the art clocking systems. The software exports data gleaned from employees clocking in with smart cards. Each user can define their own reports and save these for future printing; automatically or on-demand. The software can be set to automatically print out any of the user defined or standard reports on a daily, weekly or even a monthly basis. This is accomplished by using the Timed Report File update program. "Only if" reports can be created to show, for example, only those who have worked overtime, particular types of absence or who is ill.

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