CSCS smart cards provide a more efficient way to manage staff on construction sites, expert argues

Monitor Contractor Attendance and Worked Hours using a CSCS card and a Tensor system

CSCS smart cards are the most efficient way of managing staff on construction sites, but, despite the availability of this new technology and its numerous advantages, it is currently used on just around 6% of building sites around the country, an industry expert has recent argued.

In a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) survey of 1,180 site-based staff around the UK, 69% of respondents said they were still checking cards using a paper-based system, with only 6% using “smart” technology.

Furthermore, while 86% of cardholders had their cards checked, only 43% were checked to see if they were actually qualified to do the job. This lax approach raises questions not only about the qualifications of workers on these projects, but also about their health and safety credentials.

CSCS smart cards represent the best solution for this problem, as they allow site managers and supervisors to quickly access all relevant information about the cardholder, including photo, qualifications and the date the card expires.

Electronic card checks take no more than a few seconds, eliminating the need for paper records or waiting on the phone while the CSCS helpdesk checks a card’s validity. The information on the CSCS SmartCard can be saved onto a spreadsheet or secure database, removing the time wasted on scanning or photocopying cards. Checking cards electronically saves site management valuable time – and money.

But the CSCS SmartCard is capable of much more than simply confirming the holder’s identification, qualifications and health and safety test. The card can be enabled to access any database, with the appropriate permissions, giving site supervisors and managers access to a wealth of additional information.

Tensor CSCS Smart Card Time and Attendance helps manage construction site access

Construction workers and other people who hold a CSCS card can use their existing card to clock onto a Tensor Time & Attendance system and/or gain access to a construction site or similar, or use the CSCS card to gain access through turnstiles or car park barriers.

Within Tensor.NET there is a CSCS card wizard. This allows system users to quickly grant contractors access to their clocks and access control system.

One feature most companies will certainly appreciate is the possibility to fully customize badge creation, since the system allows templates for badges to be previewed by the user to see how their badge will appear, populating it with their personal details. Previewed badges can then be printed to any windows supported card printer.

The templates can be single or double sided, in landscape or portrait format and can include a variety of content types, including here text, images and barcodes.

If you’d like to find out more about Tensor’s CSCS Wizard, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer every and all of your queries.

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