Customer friendly half height turnstile ideal for controlling entry in reception and toilets

A town’s long wait for public toilets will come to an end after a five-year absence. The toilets at Barnard Castle, which date from Edwardian times, were closed because of their state of disrepair and problems with accessibility. The town’s residents and local officials have been calling to have the underground facilities re-opened ever since. Refurbishment on the Durham County Council scheme started last week and is expected to take about six weeks to complete.

Tensor's turnstiles provide improved security and extend flow capacity while offering a coin operated option which is ideal for public toilet facilities. Coupled with a set of contactless smart cards in an access control set-up, flow capacity is significantly increased compared with any swipe card system, as the card is read in under ¼ of a second. Half Height Turnstiles are ideal for controlling access in environments such as reception areas, toilets, and libraries. They feature 304 or 316 grade stainless steel construction and are a customer-friendly alternative to full height turnstiles.

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