Cutting edge company payroll system enables employees to earn bonus payments

Unions and managers are set on a collision course at Network Rail over its plans to speed up modernisation of the industry in the wake of a wide-ranging study. Sir Roy McNulty’s overview called for savings of £1 billion a year to be made by the end of the decade in order to avoid further line closures. The RMT union demanded increased annual leave and voluntary retirement on full pension entitlement at 55 in return for agreeing to the changes.

Holiday entitlement, pay and overtime matters are easy to work out at your firm using Tensor’s cutting edge Time and Attendance WinTA range of systems. The software allows you to create a series of shift premium rules that enable employees to earn bonus payments under special circumstances. The bonus is calculated either as extra hours or monetary amounts and can be included in the export to payroll. Standard reports show the average hours worked during any period by an employee and instances when rest day rules have been broken.

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