Dedicated business digital surveillance recorder can be located on or offsite

A 39-year-old thief caused more than £25,000 damage after stealing just £700 worth of signalling cable, a court heard. Lee Vincent pleaded guilty to destroying signalling equipment belonging to Network Rail, stealing signalling cable and going equipped for theft on the Brecon Mountain Railway. Fortunately for Welsh passengers no rail services were disrupted as the signalling works were not connected at the time. Vincent was released on bail until receiving sentence on December 15.

Recent advances in technology have revolutionised the security sector and, in particular, the methods available to monitor movement and access within a specific area. Businesses investing in a Tensor Digital CCTV system will find it works extremely well as a standalone system, and it can also be fully integrated with previously installed Tensor access control or visitor monitoring equipment to provide a security network that is top notch. The CCTV footage generated by your camera network is recorded on a dedicated digital video recorder, which can be located either onsite or offsite.

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