Define multiple paid or unpaid breaks with multilingual clocking software

A leading defence contractor fears jobs will go in a number of sites due to defence spending cuts, which are set to be 8% of the overall budget. In a document seen by the BBC, BAE Systems is worried about the government's commitment to the Joint Strike Fighter project. The aft fuselage for every plane produced is being built in Lancashire, with 1,000 workers there involved, plus more defence-related contractors based in Manchester and Bolton. There is the threat of premature closure of the site at Woodford, in Greater Manchester with the end of Nimrod production.

Tensor’s time and attendance WinTA comprehensive clocking software means you have total control over HR and payroll. You can define multiple paid or unpaid breaks and ask WinTA Start to insert breaks if an employee doesn't clock them. You can set breaks to activate between set times, and/or after a minimum number of hours have been worked. Security profiles and passwords limit users to specific areas of the multilingual software, which has a familiar Windows™ interface. Request a demonstration copy of the software so you can try it out for yourself.

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