Demand for biometric access control systems surges across Africa

Tensor Biometric Access Control Readers

Demand for contactless and biometric access control systems has surged in Africa over the past few years, a recent news report has been able to reveal.

Contactless technology and hassle-free integration with existing IT systems are two key trends driving the development of biometric access control technology within the corporate security space across Africa. As such, there is an increasing demand by businesses across the continent for cost effective, easily managed access control and Time & Attendance (T&A) solutions.

Experts in the field have argued that the key drivers for the further growth of access control is its ability to keep pace with its physical security industry counterparts in its ability to adapt to consumer market trends.

This is due to specific influences including the dominance of cloud storage, the focus on enterprise access control, the adoption of interoperability standards and a changing relationship with IT departments.

Tensor Biometric Access Control Systems – the most reliable way to secure access to one’s premises

Tensor has an extensive experience in developing and installing high-end, highly reliable, yet quite affordable biometric access control systems. We’re also present on the African market via our local distributors in Sudan and Nigeria – you can find out more about them by visiting the Tensor World Wide Partners page.

The Tensor plc T34xx biometric readers are capable of easily creating access rights based on the users’ specific biometric data and are housed within an elegant, sleek case.

The controllers are are available in two different versions, namely either Biometric only or Smart Card & Biometric. Beside scanning one’s fingerprint, the latter models also support a wide variety of smart cards, including here HID Prox™, HID iClass™, MiFare™, and DesFire™ cards. The biometric access control units are IP enabled, using an Ethernet 10/100Mb for connecting to a central control unit.

Tensor Biometric Access Control Systems are modular in design, and have the advanced capability of being able to be adapted and extended to integrate with a time and attendance system seamlessly and without complication.

If you’d like to find out more information regarding the Tensor plc T34xx biometric readers, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo with one of our specialized sales representatives.

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