Department salaries accurately recorded and paid by workplace software

MPs are debating proposals about the introduction of regional public sector pay. The rationale behind this is the UK government says it wants to create a more balanced economy, but others say some regions will be disadvantaged. Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards said Wales could stand to lose if public sector wages were cut. Mr Edwards, who tabled a Westminster Hall debate on regional pay, commented: “We are talking about huge amounts of money leaving the pockets of ordinary working people.”

A Tensor time & attendance and payroll system will calculate all manner of wages, shifts and bonus data. Using the WinTA software the personnel section can view all time and attendance information for an employee or a single department. In the Employee screens an index tab system is used hold different categories of information. Some of these are user definable fields, including user definable tables and arrays. This all means that the salaries and hours of your workforce will be accurately recorded and paid.

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