Dermal fingerprint scanning accurately prevents employee mimicking

A fake security guard got away with £14,000 on Thursday afternoon. The thief, who was wearing a safety helmet and body armour, appeared genuine and walked into the bargain goods shop carrying two cash boxes which were then filled up with money. Staff at the Midlands branch of Poundland were expecting the genuine guard at around the same time so suspected nothing until they saw the real guard sitting in his van.

Tensor has the ideal system for maximum security at retail or business premises. Biometric access control is the answer for situations where irrefutable proof of identity is needed. This technology, designed specifically for your Tensor access control system, actually reads below the surface layer of skin down to the live dermal layer where an individual’s true fingerprint resides. Biometric readings are done using electro-magnetic waves. Fingerprint scanning positively identifies an employee, thus employee mimicking can be accurately prevented. If you already have access scanners in place, the biometric scanning unit is simply mounted alongside.

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