Digital copy of accreditations means only properly qualified people allowed onsite

A woman faked documents including a BsC to get a biology teaching job at a school, a court was told. Julia Rawlinson admitted false representation and forgery. In Exeter Crown Court, Judge Philip Wassall told her: “You created layer upon layer of lies and blighted everyone you taught. There was not a single sign of regret.” Among the forged documents was a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

A useful feature of a Tensor Visitor Management System, or VMS, is document scanning. This facility allows your organisation to make scanned digital copies of special identification documents, accreditations, licenses or insurance documentation provided by a visitor or contractor to your premises. Once recorded onto the VMS, these documents can be retrieved, viewed or recreated and printed on demand. This is vital where it is necessary to provide proof that the proper due diligence procedures have been followed and that only properly qualified people are allowed on site.

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Tensor plc accreditations

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