Digital passes provide highly secure way of monitoring prison visitors

Police say a prisoner who has gone missing does not pose a risk. They said Bernard Sharkey was picked up from where he was working in a silver saloon car, which indicated a level of planning. Officers added that Sharkey was deemed as “low risk” by the prison, which is why he had been working on a farm among the community. Police added it was “important to stress we do not believe he poses a risk to the wider public.”

Prison Pass from Tensor, a version of our visitor monitoring systems, is a highly secure way of monitoring your prison visitors. A photograph taken by a digital or eyeball camera is printed on a bar-coded pass using a high speed printer so each visitor is easily identified. At controlled monitor points, the visitor pass badge is simply swiped and a high quality digital image appears to the HM Prison Service Officers, thus verifying that the correct person is passing through.

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