Digital video recorder triggered by movement to secure your site

Copper thefts have reached an all-time high and pose such a threat to Britain’s infrastructure that it is targeted as the second highest priority after terrorism, police have said. A Network Rail spokesman added that measures taken to prevent the robberies included remote movement CCTV. He remarked the crime wave is the worst it has ever been, and added: "We want compulsory registration for scrap dealers and the police to be given the power to close scrap yards using stolen material."

Tensor can supply access control and CCTV to protect your vulnerable site. Digital CCTV is a PC-based, multi channel video surveillance system that utilises the most advanced compression technologies to bring you the highest picture quality and video performance. The CCTV footage generated by your camera network is recorded on a dedicated digital video recorder (DVR), which can be located either onsite or offsite. Triggered by motion detectors or movement on a CCTV camera, the DVR only records footage of activity so no "dead time" is unnecessarily stored.

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