Discover New Time Out & Manager Authorisation Features in the Latest Self Service Module Update (Version

At Tensor, we continually ensure that our software is of the highest standards for our customers. Our latest SSM release, version, includes a series of excellent new features which upgrade the Home Page Widgets. Along with this, additional functions allow Line Managers to easily authorise all employee exceptions.

New Features & Enhancements

Version includes new features such as:

  • A new feature has been added to allow managers to authorise multiple exceptions across the displayed dates rather than having to go in day by day to authorise. A new ‘Manage All Exceptions’ box has been added and when clicked, opens a pop box to allow Line Managers the ability to Authorise all exceptions in one simple screen per employee.
  • On previous versions, when the SSM went for a period of time without any activity it would time out, but the screen was still visible and when a User tried to click anything, this would trigger the return to the login screen. This has now been changed so that the login screen is displayed once the application times out.
  • A new feature has been added so that Home Page Widgets can be easily removed. Widgets on this version or above now have a small dropdown option, when clicked, a ‘Hide Widget’ is available allowing the user to hide them.


A series of fixes have been made following the update, including:

  • When requesting a new password in the SSM, a User has to enter their email address. The SSM would then be able to find their account. We have now found that this was due to the email text being case sensitive which is now no longer the case.
  • We also found a fault with the Department and Section Absence planners within the SSM. It was found that only the absences for Supervised employees were being loaded as opposed to all of them, this has now been resolved where all absences load as they should.
  • When Supervisor users tried to edit Job details for an employee, we found there was a fault. This was due to the fact the employee did not have an SSM account so therefore created a problem. However, this issue has been fixed in this latest update.
  • When the ‘details’ button was pressed on the Bradford Index widget, nothing happened. The version has now fixed this minor issue and is displaying the details as expected.
  • A fault was found in the wording of cancelled absence requests. When an employee makes an Absence cancellation request, logging in as the Line Manager the request shows as ‘10 days ago’ where 10 should be the amount of time since the request was made but it was actually displaying the days to the Absence. Employees can request to make clocking changes and Line Managers can authorise them. However, a problem was found when trying to make a change request on an already approved clocking. The latest update now allows this feature to work correctly.
  • A fault on the notification Emails was found when a sub-ordinate has requested cancellation of a period of approved absence. The notification email has the current date as the date on the emails, not the date of the absence being cancelled. However, version now provides the correct date.

Customer Resolutions & Enhancement

We have taken action on customer feedback to make certain any additional faults have been eliminated:

  • An unknown error occurred when adding a job to another employee’s timesheet. The SSM was trying to retrieve the employee SSM user record but was failing as it didn’t exist. This has now been resolved and users can now add Job details for staff that don’t have SSM accounts.
  • Within the ‘Quick Absence Book’ widget, a fault occurred when restrictions were put in place to restrict certain Absence types, for example, if you restricted an Absence so only the ‘timed’ option could be booked, this still allowed other types, this has now been resolved.

If you yourself have any requests or would like to know more information about the Self Service Module update, then please get in touch via our contacts page.

Please note that existing users may require an upgrade to a compatible version of SQL Server to utilise this version, please get in touch to confirm your requirements.

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