Door access controllers can be networked into powerful PC run security infrastructure

An item of rare industrial heritage was allegedly stolen in the latest incident of metal theft from a business park in Dorset. The large piece was part of a Victorian railway steam engine’s boiler which is being restored by Aaron Tiefel who works for a nearby engineering firm. He said: “It’s a real blow that the piece has been stolen because it was a unique piece of Victorian British heritage that can now never be restored to its former glory.”

Tensor can help an office or site suffering from theft with our secure Access Control products. Our access controllers can be networked to form a powerful computer controlled security infrastructure. The T3510 Low Cost Four Scanner Controller can be configured in many different arrangements, controlling a smaller number of doors at first and then more at a later date as need and/or budget permits. The T3510 is ideal for one to four door access control; linked together it can control up to 128 doors from one PC.

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