Door control system compares individual security profiles with that of an access point

A man was warned he faces a custodial sentence after he admitted stealing signalling cable over a rail track, a court heard. Prosecutor Claire Fear said the offences took place on January 27, when Lee Vincent used bolt croppers to steal £785 worth of cable from the line belonging to Network Rail. She said around £25,665 damage was caused to cable under the Gaer Bridge in Wales. Mr Vincent will be sentenced next month.

Tensor Access is a door access control system based on smart cards which can also include digital CCTV, barriers and other security technology. When a person attempts to pass through an access point, the T32xx access control unit compares the individual’s security profile with that of the access point. Security profiles are based upon the day, time of day, and the security threat level of the attempted access. An individual's security profile is based upon their access group. People are assigned to an access group, either unique to them or common to their department or status.

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